Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trend Alert : Heels + Socks

Now here's a trend that was a little ahead of me at first;socks with high heels.

The socks and heels trend is a look that’s been trending for a while now, showing up everywhere from runways to the streets.

The idea of pairing socks with high heels sounded a bit too 80’s for me at first but I'm starting to like this look; only when the right socks are paired with the right shoes and the right clothes of course.

It's definitely not a look everyone can pull off but when done right, socks and heels can look adorable together.


  1. I have been telling people about this trend since Grade 11 - 2007.
    Finally someone sees the vision. Diesel did it last year.

  2. 2007, really ? I only noticed this trend at the last year. Mostly in Street fashion blogs

  3. I too have seen it about, but not on the streets, at least not around here. But it looks good on the models!

  4. I still can't manage to bring myself to wear socks with heels. I did wear pantihose with heels though. I'm getting there!